Present Delay Testo

Testo Present Delay

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
No need to over do it
we might as well go thru it
Cuz I hear that you´re down
and I know what´s on your mind

You think you got the answers
but you don´t even know the questions
when you say that you´re right
could it be that you´re out of line

Words unspoken
by you and me
when the bond is broken
It all comes down to

Say what you mean, mean what you say
Don´t put it off for another day
If you love what you do
doing what you love
then the quality time I´m thinking of
won´t get lost on the way
On a present delay

You´re walking thru the fire
pushing it higher
when you can´t see the woods for the trees
then you´ve gone too far
You better take it easy
your words don´t have to please me
and I´m not afraid if you show
who you really are


So now you live another lie
Oh, you didn´t even try
Tell me why???
Tell me why???

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