Scum Like Me Testo

Testo Scum Like Me

all I wanted in my life was 2 be seen
it was all or nothing
nothing inbetween
I had to proove myself
stronger than my needs

In time
when I was giving up the fight 2 carry on
when all the happiness inside of me was gone
It didn´t matter what I did cuz all was wrong.

There´s a part of me
who just can´t see
why you believe in a scum like me
I care no more
why can´t u see
I´m thinking of being loved

I feel
that I´ve been holding on 2 long to history
my mistakes have been the same repetitively
it´s a feeling of mistake and misery

A voice
always questioning everything I do
It´s always there 2 make me feel a kinda´ blue
makes me feel that I am nothing but a fool


of being proud of all the good
things that I´ve gone
I take a step aside, I hit and run
cuz I feel that I have fooled you all along
cuz when you look under the surface
you will see
that what you think is big and strong
is only me

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