Excess! (But Lack Of Calcium) Testo

Testo Excess! (But Lack Of Calcium)

mere click
mere trick
mere lock
you knit your brows
mere crack
mere quack
mere lack
your nerves are set on the edge

where you go
where you stay
sear feet
you cant calm down
near to shout
near to rust
near to fly into a rage

overkill over there
pokers swell over there
lack of CA throughout this frosty world

clear flake
mere snake
pure liquid
no place to be
mere tick
mere fake
mere brake
my nerves are set on the edge

where to see?
where to be?
where to sleep?

no solid land left
mere slave
mere knife
we need to have some lethal gene

squat blot over there
pot-shot over here
lack of CA
throughout this squeaky world
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