Step Into The Projects Testo

Testo Step Into The Projects

She's darker than a child's deepest sleep And into his mind she creeps In this world of lies and confusion She's the only thing not clouded by illusions The pain of everyday life is hidden by the blackness of our skin He searches to find peace within He finds love in the blackness of her skin Back to the ghetto Serenaded by the violence outside the window Project aristocrats gather they realize That our hearts and minds are shackled by the lies But he finds peace when he looks into her eyes And see her blackness is fine The blackness of her skin the blackness of her mind Straight from the womb Right smack dab in the middle of? Poverty insecurity no one to save me The young black man lays his head on her young black thighs So that the child in her womb can hear the tears That the black man cries Soon come on a wave of positivity the big swinger, Swingin' like a jazz singer travelin', movin', movin', Steppin' in my three-quarter shell-toes, Groovin' love to hear the brothers signify sisters with their head held high Summertime, the livin' is easy dreaming of seas of dark tranquility On the project train full speed on the project train heading for my love that's sweet like sugercrane

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