Two Lonely Hearts (On The Subway) Testo

Testo Two Lonely Hearts (On The Subway)

Excuse me, you headin' my way? Tryin' to find something to brighten up my day Maybe I could talk to you or you could talk to me Your eyes seem to call out for some comfort Is it the everyday racism Or a pain from deep within I may not understand now but then again You could talk to me or we could just sit here and daydream Say, you headin' my way Two lonely hearts on the subway Singin' the blues on the subway train Black black yes it's hard and that's a fact But I can rise above When I have love Here comes the train Please don't turn and walk away ? stay We could read some Ntozake Shange And I loose myself in the book I escape to my heavenly tomb Or we could read The Voice It's your choice I just want to get to know you Your lovely black face Accompanied by some STRICTLY ROOTS As we venture ? it's just nice to be near you

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