Mojo Testo

Testo Mojo

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
wendy was my first love
brenda was a step above
dana was the girl right inbetween
stephanie a tri-delt
never knew how i felt
alicia thought she was a beauty queen
and everywhere i wanna go
they would always tell me no
cause they were too afraid they might be seen
and, all the times i analyze, and always seem to patronize
i finally met a girl i want to be with

now, i can embrace my fears
it's like she's been with me for 20 years
there's only one thing left to say

jolene's the one
so i wrote this song, and it's all about her
and there's no-way
i could stand each day, if i'd never met her

elka had an attitude, left me standing in the nude
and she could never look me in the eye
i once had my best friend's little sister gilian
but she was immature and so am i
but when it comes to waiting and expecting
all these things will end
i cannot find the words to emphasize
the way i'm feeling

now, i can embrace....

jolene i saw your name, and all the others look the same
your milky thighs and long brown hair, i just sit and stare
it fills my heart and makes me glad to think of all the times we had
now that i'm living day to day, i'm gonna be ok
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