Splash Back Testo

Testo Splash Back

i asked you, to go out, with me your quite the knock out
i showed up early pounding loud on your front door
can i use, your bathroom, and not a moment too soon
it must have been the hot wings from the night before
i could just keep it in
another couple hours maybe then

you would be telling me what's really on your mind
just hold that thought, i'll be right back,
i just can't hold it in this time

the blow-out, was ugly, just tell your mom i'm sorry
i didn't mean to drive your family from your home
they seemed so pissed at me
it happens to us all it will you'll see

i know, i know, my so called life has got to go
why do i always seem to mess things up - most everytime
and i know, i know, a second chance for me to show
i wanna make it up to you and take you out a second time

no wonder, you hate me, you spent 3 hours waiting
while i was in your bathroom, clogging up the bowl
thought of so many ways
deciding what i probably shouldn't say
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