Stupid Little Things Testo

Testo Stupid Little Things

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
another endless day
i must be getting older, this i've found
its harder to complain
i must be getting used to this by now
the perfect girl for me
she's never there when things just fall apart
but i know everything
pretending that i still control my life
and when i think i can't trust you again
you lie, and tell me what i need

the stupid little things
and silly little words
never mean a thing, unless you promise to me first
keep lying to your friends
you know it all depends
on the stupid little things you say

with all your made up lies
i hold my own in conversations still
i try to compromise
but never had a chance and never will
the way you are inside
covers up you feelings once again
i can't see through your eyes
act like you don't understand
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