Mo Murder Testo

Testo Mo Murder

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Kill'em all, kill'em all, kill'em all Dey die, dey die, dey die, dey die They wanna see the Bone gone They wanna see the Bone gone They wanna see the Bone gone They wanna see the Bones long gone Murda, bloody murda (It's ya nigga) It's ya nigga Leatherface So murda's on until the break of dawn They yellin' and screamin' It's Krayzie, that's my name That's my name, that's my name Makin' mothafuckas feel the pain Time to die, caught up with Mr. Sawed-off Leatherface What a hell of a day Is he real? Is he real? Nigga, tell me, is he real? Could ya pull it, then spray? This Mo Thug organization We causin' much destruction, destruction, destruction Listen to the sound of me 12 gauge eruption, eruption, eruption (Gunshot) [First Krayzie] Shit, nigga, I know I'm tired of these Ho-ass niggas puttin our name in Their mothafuckin mouth, nigga Y'all mothafuckas don't know us nigga What the fuck? I mean, where tha fuck do you know me from, nigga? You know this mothafuckin' Bone Thugs, nigga Straight from Cleveland, nigga Ain't sayin nothin' about you ho-ass niggas You mothafuckas runnin' around here Puttin our name on your mothafuckin' records Nigga, for fame, nigga We ain't gonna say nothin' to you bitch ass We just gonna see you mothafuckas on tha streets And it's on Y'all mothafuckas can't playa hate And dance to tha mothafuckin' beat, nigga What the fuck thought? Ain't no mothafuckin shakin' hands, nigga When we see you it's on Ain't no mothafucka gettin me... [Second Krayzie] I can't stand this shit While niggas in punk-ass cities you playa hatin Nigga can only put the mothafuckin' city on Ya know what I'm sayin? 'Cause Cleveland on tha mothafuckin map Tha niggas still runnin their mouths ? never playa hatin' niggas, you know what I'm sayin? Cuz we can, you know what I'm sayin? It was all about Cleveland, you know what I'm sayin? It was all about mothafuckin Cleveland You know what I'm sayin? Hey, nigga, I feel like this You know what I'm sayin? Fuck it, nigga, it's all about them Bone thug-ass niggas You know what I'm sayin? Fuck, y'all... [Third Krayzie] Muthafuck the police, always No muthafuckin' thugs, ya know what I'm sayin' Fuck the muthafuckin' police Nigga, comin' straight from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony No regards for the muthafuckin' law at all Nigga, eternal warfare Hey, it's alright It's alright Tell me do you want to come and play with me? Do you want to play, (play, play)? Roll (roll) with the gun in me hand (hand) And they can't understand that We ran with the murda mo, murda mo, murda mo Rippin' them guts and drippin' that blood (blodd, blood) Fin to get 'em with the pump and peel ya Buck'em up until ya ya body's so badly damaged that you're not familiar Who killed ya? That nigga with the leather face (Who?) they will never know, 'cause he won't show Leatherface is identified See the murda all in his eyes You can't hide This murder is the world (There's no escapin' murder. There's no escapin' death) No, no, no, you can't hide. This murder is the world (There's no escapin' murder. There's no escapin' death) You mercy screams are not needed Too late when you proceed to bleed blood, yeah Kill 'em all, kill 'em all, kill'em all Artillery, that's what ya got to have to fuck with me Murder mo, come come, dey done, meet redrum It's all right If you want to come and play with me And when you meet the sawed-off Just say, "Mr." Nigga, when you meet the sawed-off Just say, "Mr. Leatherface, Leatherface, Leatherface" Nigga, "Leatherface, Leatherface, Leatherface" Die, die, die...

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