You Don't Own Me Testo

Testo You Don't Own Me

[Krayzie] Yeah, what's up, baby? Before we even get into this I want ya to know one thing I don't own you, and you don't own me (Gotcha) Keep it like that (Chorus: Potion) You don't own me, and I don't own you Let's keep it like that [Krayzie] Cool We can keep it like that I like it like that [Potion] I heard you tell your boys "She's under control," but you got me faded You must think I am crazy You walk around tryin' to play These games like you got it goin' on And you're keepin' things strong I don't understand why you say the things you do 'Cause if you were takin' care of your business I wouldn't be thinkin' of someone new Yeah, I know you gave me all the money And new car, but things won't control me Good love will hold me (Chorus) [Potion] This can never be an everlastin' love If I'm you're object, 'cause I'm a new woman What ya see is what you'll get So, get yourself together If you wanna be with me forever I'm lettin' my love run free I'm tellin' you - you don't own me [Krayzie] Hey, baby, you don't own me Krayzie never was for sale Bet you thought you had a package But I ain't that type of male I'm a grown man Little girl, you better go on playin' No chains or no ropes Or no ties is what the song sayin' If you listened, paid attention You would've heard it when I mentioned You're killin' me with your jealous comments Now, are you suspicious? It'd be best if you just go on about your way Have a nice day Yes, we should break 'Cause you can't get with a thug in my way (Chorus) [Potion] You don't own me You don't own me, baby You don't own me, and I don't own you Let's keep it like that Let's keep it like that

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