House Of Four Doors, Part 1 Testo

Testo House Of Four Doors, Part 1

Mystery spead its cloak
Across the sky,
We'd lost our way.
Shadows fell from trees,
They knew why.
Then through the leaves a light broke through,
A path lost for years led us through.

House of four doors,
I could live there forever.
House of four doors,
Would it be there forever?

Loneliness, the face of pilgrim's eyes would come
As the door opened wide.

[musical interlude #1]
Beauty they had found before my eyes to see
And to the next door we came.
[musical interlude #2]
Love of music showed in everything we heard.
Through the third door where are we?
[musical interlude #3]
“Enter in all ye who seek to find within”
As the plaque said on the last door.
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