No More Lies Testo

Testo No More Lies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I need you like you need me:
Truly and completely,
Never be apart.
I think that you should tell me,
Come right out and tell me,
Just what's in your heart.
And, if you think that it's alright,
Let's make a deal and work it out.
We'll walk into the sunset, you and I,
With no more alibis
When we tell each other:
No more lies.

Well, truth is my addiction,
Stranger still than fiction,
Wider than the sky,
And songs that have such feeling.
Words that have such meaning,
Dreams that never die.

And, if you think that it's alright,
Let's turn around and start again.
We'll walk beside the ocean, hand in hand,
With no more alibis
When we tell each other:
No more lies

I sometimes think that, maybe,
You're just a little girl.
You know I love you, baby,
I've got to tell the world

So that's the final story,
The truth in all it's glory.
See how much I care.
You know you drive me crazy,
Thrill me and amaze me,
Drive me to despair

And, if you think that now feels right,
Let's close the door and dim the light.
We'll greet the dawn together, side by side.
Just look into my eyes
'Cause you know I'll tell you:
No more lies
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