Twilight Time Testo

Testo Twilight Time

Twilight time to dream awhile
In vales of deepening blue
As fantasy strides over colourful skies,
Perform, disappearing from view.
In twilight time
Dream with me awhile

A nightingale plays a dark mellow phrase
Of notes that are rich and so true.
An aerial display by the firefly brigade
Dancing to tunes no-one knew.

In twilight time
Dream with me awhile

In twilight time
Dream with me awhile

Building castles in the air,
Whistling to the wind
As nature bows down her head,
See what tomorrow brings.

Twilight time,
Dream with me awhile.

Bats take to wing like puppets on string,
Prancing through cool evening air.
In a sightless glide, no reason to hide
From a wave of the sun's blinding stare.
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