Hot Sugar Testo

Testo Hot Sugar

Well we all need some sweetness sometimes
Sometimes we need a sweet friend
I been lookin' for a sugar girl
Oh so I can be her candy man

She's as sweet as a honey bee
Get ya honey runnin' so easily
She's as sweet as she wanna be
Cause she's

Hot Sugar!Sweet Heat!
From her sweet head down to her sweet feet she's
Hot Sugar!Oohwee!
Hot Sugar - sweet as she wanna be

Sugar sizzlin' in the kitchen
Sugar cookin' over onto the floor
And if you need another cup a somethin' sweet
Gonna git a sticky hicku while ya makin' some more

Well we all need some sweetness sometimes
Oh you know I do
Hot Sugar yer gonna be sweet on me
And Im walkin' over hot coals for you
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