Loose 'n' Juicy Testo

Testo Loose 'n' Juicy

If you been cooped in
Lemme getcha goin'
Rock 'n' Roll got ya fluid flowin'

Getcha sweatin'
When the music move you
And the amplitude is shootin' through you

No you can't coop me up
So let me loose and juice me up

Do ya wanna?
Do ya wanna?
Do ya wanna get loose 'n' juicy?
Loose 'n' Juicy

Miss & Mister Uptight
Priss prim fit
Just unbutton it a little bit

Rhythm let ya
Feral feelings grow an'
Gonna getcha epidermis showin'

You'll excuse this crude excuse
To juice you up and turn you loose

Put 'em in then ya pull 'em out
Do the loose 'n' juicy
Shake it all about
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