Rebirth In The Sterile Triad Of Six Testo

Testo Rebirth In The Sterile Triad Of Six

Before the outpouring of transient worlds
the Vast Darkness was in Itself
He was not, and I in Him
in a rest of perfect Darkness

Still-born existence, rejoicing in a pitch-black womb
Death was yet to deliver this child

Before the Great Sea overflowed... when the pillars collided
the Vast Darkness in Itself
in a paradox existence, where the creative principle are of Itself
a lidless eye opened Itself in the emptiness - Death fell
...yet there is hope for all...

the still-born spirit rests with the Gods
in a Sterile Triad, before the ' joins -
in deathless Death, that life has not yet touched
redemption is delivered, through the bliss of the Lord

He was not, and none in Him... in a rest of perfect Darkness
still-born worlds, once potent in the pitch black womb
Death delivers the child
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