The Illumination Of Job Testo

Testo The Illumination Of Job

There are weepings and sighs in the distance
reminders of those who fell into the Deep
an Abyss once living and dead
four rivers cutting through a timeless mystery
the path that is the barren and abandoned paradise
where the waters are but poison, and everything is destroyed
I walked with the inner voice

at the end of the fallen desert
the spine of the worlds split to form hell anew
and the moment was separated from time
the sight became fourfold therein
revelation entangled in revelation
and I beheld... an abandoned, bleak house
in the mist of the Darkness, levitating through a higher Will,
staring through the mirror
that revealed the Face that stores all Death within

...and a path devoured itself from a ll sides
unveiled forgotten words
I beheld the illumination of Job
before the entrance to the brightest Darkness
the moment separated from time
every aspect of the self utterly destroyed
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