My Egyptian Lover Testo

Testo My Egyptian Lover

(feat. Space Cowboy)

I see your girl
But she
Don't do it like me
She's not that type
I see it in your eyes
You need a freak
To keep your secret
A girl like me
Who knows
What's on your mind

You know I'm hot
I see you
Looking at me
Stop wasting time
And come with me
Stop spending money
On me
Make up your mind
If you're
Coming home with me
You're running
Out of time

My egyptian lover
(My egyptian lover)
There is no other
(My egyptian lover)
My egyptian lover
(My egyptian lover)
There is no other
(There is no other)

I see you boy
But you
Don't holla at me
I think you're shy
I'll show you
What to do
I'll be your dog
Come to you
When you call me
Just close your eyes
And dance with me

You make me hot
You got me goin' crazay
You're on my mind
And make my heart go boom
Stop acting shady on me
And wasting time
Then you can take me
On your magic carpet ride

(Chorus 2x)
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