Something 4 The Weekend Testo

Testo Something 4 The Weekend

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
It's Friday night, It's Saturday night, It's Sunday night
It's the weekend

It's party time
It's your time
It's something for the weekend

It's Friday night
I'm all alone
I want you to
call me at home
Any time,
You know I'm there
Waiting for you,
For you to share

You make me sweat
You know you do
Come to my house
I want you to

You'll lick your lips
I'll get excited
The party's on
And you're invited

It's Friday night
(it's Friday night)
It's Saturday night
It's Saturday
It's Sunday night
(yeah yeah)
It's the weekend
(it's the weekend)

It's party time
It's your time
It's time to shine
It's something for the weekend
It's the weekend

You're on the phone
I know who too
But she's a (oh)
You know it's true
My big green eyes
My red lipstick
And only I know
What makes you tick

You're feelin' me
don't get it twisted
I'm like a drug
And you're addicted
Keep what we do
between me and you
No one should know but me and you

Chorus 2x
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