The Last Journey With You Testo

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Testo The Last Journey With You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We were on the fields of the Druids
Under the raindrops she was a goddess
My barefooted lady danced with the fluids
She came from a forgotten magic story

We flopped down on the yucky grass
And I tasted again her wet sweety lips
Her cold hand covered by the rips
For us Heaven will play soon the brass

We were as some young wistful strangers
Who wanted to go home beyond all dangers
We closed our eyes to fly like dragonflies
She leaves me in the travel of the clouds

She became an escaped marvellous white swan
Who went to visit the sparkling stars away
But her toxic veins had killed my heart
When I shouted by throwing the syringes away

I just know now I'm a dead loss bloke
My breakbeat sounds like breakdown
I listen to her to sing in my night dreams
In the twilight my princess plays the rock

I don't forget this last journey with you
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