No. 1 Testo

Testo No. 1

[Chorus: Awa]
So crazy, my heart is racing
To win your love
Ooh lady, you got me waiting
Want to be Number 1

[Chorus: Oldwun]
That's just the way you got me,
Just the way ya make me feel
When I'm around you girl,
I pinch myself to check it's real
Had enough of daydreamin',
Open up and let me in
(I want to be Number 1)

[Verse 1: Awa]
Falling so fast
That I can't hold back
On a one way course to you

Losing control
My lust on turbo
Blind spot's my view

Hope there's no dead end
Gonna keep on trying
Won't give in
Maybe it's around the bend
I know you ain't easy
Let's see what happens


[Verse 2: Oldwun]
Ain't one of them "Dime a dozen,
Ain't passin me by to often
A catch like you is a once in
A lifetime thing like Hayleys Comet
Ain't lettin you pass me by,
Ain't misreadin' your signs
You got me stuck at the red,
Waitin for that green light
Just know that I'm in it to win it,
There ain't no 2nd place
And you know that I ain't gon' give in,
Silver just ain't the same
No it ain't the same, no, no and I ain't playin
And I ain't givin up, till I'm your No.1


Number 1
Oohh yeah...

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