Paradise Testo

Testo Paradise

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[Intro x2: Awa]
Nesian's in the building clap yours
Ladies keep moving
Fella's keep doing what you do

[Chorus: Awa]
Oohh oohh uuu oohhh uuu oohh
It's the hood
They call it paradise

Oohh oohh uuu oohhh uuu oohh
It's the hood
They call it paradise

[Verse 1: Sab]
They say Paris is the city of love
Then Apia is where love is made
LA is the city of angels
Papa iti is where the angels lay
New York is the city that don't sleep
Nuku'alofa's where the tourist sleep all day
Amsterdam you know is chilled
Sydney gets down with no delay hey
London is the home of gentlemen
Aititaki where the Gentle men play
Milan fashion capital cat walks
Auckland nesian style that us
East-West no comparison
Either way you look at it's quite embarrassing
We try to leave but why
This is where's it's at no point trying to deny


[Verse 2: Junz]
I'll give you fish n chips when you swing your hips,
Make me bacon and eggs when I shake my legs,
Islands in the sun, we in the islands having fun,
Forget all your woes, don't worry bout no one,
Roll through my hood, feel the breeze,
You'll see, it's all good now you're here with me,
The tropics, got the hotness, yo we got this,
Ain't no stopping when we rocking, com'n,

Ohh lala, aere mai ra baby,
Ohh lalaaaa...

Come here girl,
Rub you down with manoi and
Lace you with black pearls,

You stole my heart,
Kua tahae koe I toku ngakau.


[Verse 3: Oldwun]
Let's get it poppin like it's Duty Free, ain't nothin new to me
That South Pacific heat,
That's what it do to me
Your more than welcome to,
Come and indulge in the
Friendly Isle's, that's the
Place that I call home man
Smooth like coconut body butter
Up in the summer
Found that love affair that you
Can't compare to others
V to the A, I, N, I, V, A, L, E,
I'll be your tour guide if you let me?
Ha'u mo au, 'o 'a'ahi, ki hoku motu
Teu 'ave koe ki hoku ki'I motu
Tue pe malimali mai


[Outro x2: Awa]
Nesian's in the building clap your hands
Ladies keep moving
Fella's keep doing what you do
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