Dopeman (remix) Testo

Testo Dopeman (remix)

Yo Dre!![Ice Cube]It was once said by a man who couldn't quit"Dopeman," please can I have another hitThe dopeman said, "Cluck, I don't give a shitif your girl kneel down, and suck my dick"It all happened and the guy tried to choke herNigga didn't care, she ain't nothin but a smokerThat's the way goes, that's the name of the gameYoung brother gettin over by slangin 'caineGold around his neck in 14 K heavenBitches clockin on his dick twenty-four/sevenPlus he's makin money, keep the bassheads waitinRollin six-fo' wit the fresh ass DaytonsLivin in Compton, Cailfornia C-AHis uzi up yo' ass if he don't get paidNigga beggin for credit, he's knockin out teethClockin much dollars on the 1st and 15thBig wad of money nuttin less than a twentyYo you want a five-oh the dopeman's got plentyTo be a dopeman boy you must qualifyDon't get high off your own supplyFrom a ki' to a G it's all about moneyTen piece for a champ, bass pipe comes freeIf people out there are not hip to the factIf you see somebody gettin money for crackhe's theChorus: N.W.A.Dopeman, dopeman! (Ay man, give me a hit)Dopeman, dopeman! (Yo man, fuck that shit!)Dopeman, dopeman! (We just can't quit!)Dopeman, dopeman! (Well suck this bitch!)[Dr. Dre]Wait a minute, wait a minuteWho the fuck are you talkin to?Do you know who the fuck I am?Man I can't believe this shitThis bitch is tryin to gank meYo I oughta slap you upside yo' headwith nine inches of limp dick[Ice Cube]You need a nigga with money so you get a dopemanJuice that fool for as much as you canShe like his car, and he get wit herGot a black eye cause the dopeman hit herLet that slide and you pay it no mindFind that he's slappin you all the timeBut that's okay, cause he's so richAin't you ain't nuttin but a dopeman's bitchDo what he say and you keep your mouth shutPoppin that trash might get you fucked upWell sit and cry, if the dopeman strike youHe don't give a fuck he got two just like youThere's another girl in the dopeman's lifeNot quite a bitch but far from a wifeShe's called strawberry and everybody knowstrawberry strawberry is the neighborhood hoeDo anything for a hit or twoGive the bitch a rock she fucked the whole damn crewIt might be your wife and it might make you sickCome home and see her mouth on the dopeman's dickStrawberry, just look and you'll see herBut don't fuck around she'll give you gonnorheaIf people out there are not hip to the factthe strawberry is a girl sellin pussy for crackto theChorus: N.W.A.Dopeman, dopeman! (Ay man, give me a hit)Dopeman, dopeman! (Yo man, fuck that shit!)Dopeman, dopeman! (In yo' face)Dopeman, dopeman! "Yo Dre!! Kick in the bass!!"[Ice Cube]If you smoke 'caine, you a stupid motherfuckerKnown around the hood as the schoolyard cluckerDoin that crack with all the money you gotOn your hands and knees, searchin for a piece of rockJonesin for a hit, and you're lookin for mo'Done stole the Alpine out of Eazy's six-fo'You need your ass whupped cause it's out of this earthTo get a ten-piece need a dollar fifty workKnucklehead nigga, yeah you turned into a crookbut swear up and down boy that you ain't hookedYou beat your friend up, and you whupped his ass longcause he hit the pipe til the rock was all goneYou robbin and stealin, buggin and illinwhile the dopeman's dealin, what is healin yo' painCocaine, this shit's insaneYo E she's a berry, let's run a train(Man, I wouldn't touch that bitch) me neitherHoe go home and wash out your beaverAnd niggaz out there messin up people's healthYo, what the fuck you gotta say for yourself?[Eazy-E]Well I'm the dopeman, yeah boy, wear a courderoyMoney up to here but unemployedYou keep smokin that rock and my pockets gettin bigger(Yo, got that five-oh double up nigga!)Yeah high rollin, big money I'm foldinBitch on my tip for the dick I'm holdinSprung strawberry jockin me so earlyHoe you wanna hit you gotta get your knees dirtyNow that's my life, that's how it's cut"Hey dopeman!" Bitch, shut the fuck up!Gotta make a run, it's a big money dealGankers got the fake but you can get the realfrom theChorus: N.W.A.Dopeman, dopeman! (Yeah that's me)Dopeman, dopeman! (Yo can I get a G?)Dopeman, dopeman! (Clock as much as he can)Fuck this shit who am I? THE DOPEMAN![Eazy-E (as Mexican guy)]Yo Mr. Dopeman, you think you're slickYou sold crack to my sister, and now she's sickBut if she happens to die, because of your drugI'm puttin in your coolo, a thirty-eight slug

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