I Came As Dust, I Left As Dust Testo

Testo I Came As Dust, I Left As Dust

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I kept a cross in my right hand.
I dropped it into the quicksand the wood went to waste.
Your faith, it's broken.
You're furthering yourself to fame,
You're losing.
Your god is leaving.
I left it there for a blind man.
He pulled it out with no questions,
And i took his place.
And when there's nowhere to fit,
It leaves us here to be compared to him.
How could you bend your fears?
The day was reduced to tears.
Your stomach was armor.
An aid that would save your life.
It's impossible for you to hear.
You followed me here,
You followed my footsteps here
You fit in my head,
Like a father i'll never remember you.
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