Breakneck S.o.s. Testo

Testo Breakneck S.o.s.

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Yeah baby i never regret a thing.
you'd be lucky if i was screaming your name in a dream
easy come. easier go. i know you came. hope you enjoyed the show
multiple organisms. single minded but multi-celled.
its just a little hedonism no one here is going to tell.
this dialogue just hit the rocks. and i don't know what to think.
let's pour our selves another round.
i know you want just what i got. the ships starting to sink.
and honey you ain't got anything
she wants it her way. pictures face down on the floor
let's start this scarlet year off with hopes of better things to come
i saw it in your eyes. just like the last time
i hope you realize i can see right through
i see right through you
we're dubbed faux-advocators and too photogenic.
oh but we can't help it if the haters hate this.
and she said.
"my heart is but a muscle baby. and my brain a message center"
after all the "all and alls" i still don't blame her.
Send A Breakneck S.O.S. hold your breath yeah. hold your breath.
Send A Breakneck S.O.S. savor the suspense
yeah this is all you're gonna get.
(oh these words might sting but don't call the police
no we're not plagiarizers if that's what you think.
tell me what'd ya think.)
Send A Breakneck S.O.S. hold your breath. yeah hold our breath.
yea this is all you're gonna get
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