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Negrita: è uscito il nuovo album “9″
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Well I am new at this, Yeah this honesty business.
And I'm trying my two red hands at it.
I'm gonna give it my all. So waiter gimme the works.
Let's stay in bed girl. Until this lovin' hurts.
I need the pain to tell this is real.
Sharp shooters take dead aim. I wanna feel how you feel.
You are the fire inside the lightning of the storm.
You burn the bridges and they keep me warm.
You keep the fire alive, and I want to burn.
Take me deep under your wing
And show me just how lovers should think.
And feel, Oh god this feels so real.
I'm waiting at your bedside
Just open those bright blue eyes
Please cut me one last time.
I wanna feel you. Yeah it's not what you think
I wanna feel you. So electro defy me

Scarica la suoneria di Electro Defy Me!
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