Westbound & Down Testo

Testo Westbound & Down

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Daddy said, Daddy said, go out and make me proud.
If only he could see the way you've turned out now.

Go ahead baby and say the words you want from me.
Believe, cause' I'm the one that wrote this song.
If I could turn back time and read your mind,
Besides these dice and cards I'm just another game.

If you could live forever, you'd still wanna be a one night stand.

You can walk on, cause I'm leaving.
Goodbye to you and everything.

Look at the mess of mistakes you've made.
Heroes, yeah, I will remain.

I won't be another notch on bedpost sheets.

You tried to test me and you failed.
"I'll stay the course, I'll stay the course, I'll hold my head up high."

Another misread lullaby.
"I won't be misread again, I won't be here waiting, goodbye to you, goodbye."

You can walk on, cause I'm leaving.
Goodbye to you and everything.

We wrote the book.
You wrote the lies.
So take this forever.

Forth in writing, Oh my God.
Oh. My. God.

So press on now baby, you never seemed so fake.
Just give me something that's real again.
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