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Testo Crusade

It was the year 1095 in the heart of FranceSummoned by the Papal Decree to the Holy Land"Drive out the Infadel from the Realm of Promise!""Destroy the enemies of Our Lord and restore His kingdom!"From a heart of darkness came a twisted faithReaching to the far east with a burning hate.The thunder of the drums of war decended on the massesThe Great Commission, forged with steel would bring disasterReligious lies had taken holdA war of murder, rape and goldBlood was flowing through the landA gospel with an iron handA ministry death and hateMillions chained to its carnal stateMad with the power to controlTihs is a church with a dark crusadeCenturies have come and gone since the CrusadesBut a brutal conquest has still remainedOppression of humanity, conjured convictionReligion and its tyranny will bring destructionJust sign here on the dotted lineDo what we say and you'll be fineYour blind devotion is the keyTo save your soul eternallyIn the bonds of a legalistic stateYou'll find a heart in rusted chainsMad with the power to controlThis is a church with a dark crusadeSound mind and reason have long been dead and crucifiedSoul dead self righteous hypocrisy is justifiedIn the bowels of a prisonWhere many souls are laid to wasteYou'll find the heart of a church with a dark crusade

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