Potatoe Girl Testo

Testo Potatoe Girl

We live, we dieI don't know the reasons we ask whyWe hate, we pushRecent tests show we are all misunderstoodSomething's seizingYou know you lost your mindYou know we all need savingShe found you late last nightYou feel the madness gainingYou know you just can't winYou know thisBut I'm just so tired of waking up on the groundI never knew the girlAnd I never knew the world hurtWe beg, we prayBut everything still happens anywaySomething's teasingYour conscience can't decideShe stopped your will from cavingBut left you paranoidYou feel the constant strainingShe reappears divineYou noticedBut I'm just so tired of waking up all alone

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