Umbrella Testo

Testo Umbrella

Life is real fast
It could disappear at once
All the pavement is dry
So go outside now it's time
Please leave the house for once
You told yourself “girl come on”
Don't forget to call your grandson
You look just like a whore
But it's fine cause nobody minds
But your shoes
The brown and dirty ones they're nice
And take your umbrella in case
You'd better take your suitcase as well
Make things real
Make it faster
Consider it as a deal
You're not hurt, you'll get over
Remember it as a fear
Streets are crowed
You'd better put your hat on in case
And your glasses, for the sun
I wish I was there to see
How good you look but you see
Once upon a time you'll know
You look just like a whore
It's cute
Dressed like a whore, my dear
Drink your coffee
And keep the umbrella close enough
Just in case it rains, just in case you're lost
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