The Final Line Testo

Testo The Final Line

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

Some day you'll find the answers
but they will breed more questions
Is there understanding still
If you'll feel your life's intrusion
as you walk on in the land of illusion

In this place I'm just like a stranger in danger
There's something wrong, something that escapes me
Maybe I'm a pawn in a cruel game
Where always I'm the loser
another one is chosen to win...

From those days nothing remains
Everything's the same
So hard to be understood
When there is so much more to know
It's time to get the last step away

It's the final line
It's the point of no return
On the edge of time
It's the final hour
In the final place
We'll become two twilight souls forever
Somewhere in the corner of the world

You say this is real story
as you hold the light in your hands
But I don't care what you think about it
It doesn't matter who you are...
If you never had this feeling
You'll never see the lights of tomorrow
but I always knew
Lies are only meaning of your life

Maybe you're just like me?
Believe... I know your nature
So tell me your secrets
as I run through your mind
Remember your forgotten dreams
Hear them calling you
Oh, how much you want to fly
Higher in the sky...
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