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Testo Molinos

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I received you letter in the mailSounds like times are hard for you againYou said that you?d be nineteen in September of this yearAnd you?re breaking up with your first girlfriendMy dad and I got in a fight, he toldMe to leave when everything was fineThere isn?t much that I can do to help you yes it?s trueBut I promise that the hurt will heal in timeAnd you don?t deserve thisLies can?t pretendJust another way of thinkingPeople can change when it seemsThey?re not there for youTruth cannot lieNever heard a better word than trustYes it?s in you know that it?s true and rightLet me count the ways that I feel so sorryWhen it rains it drains the spirit dryWe all have our mishaps, misfortunes, missed opportunitiesAnd the strength to carry on consider yourself freeAnd you don?t deserve this

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