Same For Everyone Testo

Testo Same For Everyone

Barrie was a friend of mine, inseparable in school Picking out the teams The rugby fields were football fields When lunch time rolled around We’d play at the far end by the girls The day I left for Canada, we said one last good-bye With phone calls in between We figured out how many letters We would send each year We never even made it past the first CHORUS As the bullet leaves the gun The moon bows to the sun What has died has just begun And it’s the same for everyone The five months spent with Jennifer Might well have been three years Like a goldfish in a bowl, life moved all around us But we cared not where or when Until the day she looked out through the glass The last thing Jenny gave to me Was a kiss I knew so well But it was filled with tears In irony they joined together Hers along with mine For it was in the parting that they fell CHORUS Good Friday is a solemn day But never more than when I walked into that room And saw her friends and family embracing as they wept And Karen’s picture smiling from the pine, from the pine And Karen’s picture smiling from the pine CHORUS

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