Waste Some Time Testo

Testo Waste Some Time

Some of the best days are when the map has been lost and the plans have been thrown away. Besides, that's what answering machines are for. Just the other day we were driving around You were dressed in flowers And the sun was streaming down We sang out loud to a song we didn't know And I said c'mon girl, let your diva go These days it seems my life is in a spin I wish I could be more like Huckleberry Finn So we stoppe dthe car To kick some leaves around And I said I don't want you To let your spirit down CHORUS 'Cause there will always be dishes in the sink Too much to do and too much to think about There needs to be more time for you and me C'mon and waste some time with me There's a kite in the closet We still haven't flown I'm sure we could if I'd get off the phone So let's pack some things And then we'll disappear I hear the whales come down This time of year Don't want to lose another day like this Wondering what and how it is it slipped I'll tell you what girl, we'll seal it with a kiss 'Cause I don't want you to let your spirit down CHORUS (twice) These are the days that need to be longer So I stay awake all night These are the days That I wish I could leave it all behind These are the days When I'm lost without you And I'm out of touch These are the days When wasting time Could mean so much Come waste some time Come waste some time

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