Death Device Testo

Testo Death Device

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
maybe better off hit by a train of upcoming postulations
when a letter says "you'll know when" and it's all speculations

never wait: you're getting older - never smile or shrug your shoulder
don't leave home without knowing where you're headed
stand up straight and hold your head high
hold your tears when others may die
I never knew you'd leave before your time without you

I'll say that it's shame that after all you had to leave

here's to the sky of moon and stars you loved so much in the winter
if I could only take them down and put them in your hands for you to see

take this message that I bring to the heavens where you sleep
and tell a tale of life beyond imagination
you're never dead... you're never breathing
your heart's with mine and it's still beating
I never knew you'd leave before your time without you
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