Poison Lips Testo

Testo Poison Lips

devour me down before I leave... the sooner the better
I've packed my things - I've misplaced your digits but rest at ease
that won't be me calling with all the fascination
forget it's only 3a.m. roll back around your bed to sleep again
we never had anything worth saving: that's what you've convinced me

go back to your "rat cage" and stay put... don't make a sound
I'm writing this last page and I'll see you in hell

self-inflicted tears with eyes for you: you're begging to be used
so take your poison lips and deadly kiss - they will work better on assholes
we never had anything worth saving
so drown your anger with more hate now... I guess I'll see you around

your calls are now like a cancer so this is my final farewell... farewell
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