Bully Testo

Testo Bully

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Hey man, something is wrong in my head
When I see your face on Empty V,
I just hate the bird you are
With your wings spread.
I realize that you want my vote
Only for your bank account,
You want my vote just for your stinky pride.
That's a problem.

How many people did you crush by your side?
How many whoppers did you already tell us?
How many promises did you forget?
How many bucks did you embezzle?

Don't try to get my mind asleep.
It's easier not to think,
You want a flock of sheep,
A clapometer for your ears.
Poverty, indifference, unemployment,
no issue, on the other side:
Diplomatic immunity.

How many promises did you forget?
How many bucks did you embezzle?
How many tonnes of shit did you already sell us?
Never be manzoni, stay a bully.

You'll never meet us, life is a plait,
If I recognize your unsteady gait
- Your brain stains with "bucks" -
Be sure i'll offer you a broad smile.
A cup of lucidity, 0% yuppi,
No lucrative one, but sprinkle with hemlock.
You'll stay a bully
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