Ain't Nuttin Buttersong Testo

Testo Ain't Nuttin Buttersong

We got so much soul You can damn near see it Spinnin on a 45 I've come to the conclusion Clear the confusion My point is to rock Dis funky joint Dont you know I got tangled In the star spangled banner In the middle of Alabama Or was it Tennesee or Arkansas New York & Cali got the same Amount of race rallys I know they wanna hang me Straight around the neck So I'm knockin off the hand checks So you can When I say what it is It ain't nutting but a song Krackas, killas, kidnappas KKK tryes to blame it on the rappers They dont count the ones That bounce to the 40 ounce Or the runts dat get stunted By the bluntz This time I'm gonna take it down the line To the ones that are ready They be holdin it steady When a song so wrong So many be singin it Strangled tangled Caught in a spangled Banner got em on dat camera Stars I'm seein from A beatdown in a slamma O cay can you see But you cant Uncle Sammy wears the pants Toms his bitch When he's swingin a switch Rather stick da poor up And give it to da rich I always thought dat power Was to the people, we the people O say can I see we ain't people When I pledge allegiance I shoulda got a sticka 1st grade/2nd grade I shoulda just kicked a Verse in the middle of class Instead of singin bout bombs Like a dumb ass Land of the free Home of the brave And hell with us nigas we slaves That shoulda been the last line Of a song that's wrong form to get So when everybody stand I sit The red is for blood shed The blue is for the sad ass songs We be singin in church while white mans heaven is black mans hell The stars what we way when we Got our ass beat Stripes whip marks in our backs White is for the obvious Ain't no black in that flag

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