Get The Fuck Outta Dodge Testo

Testo Get The Fuck Outta Dodge

CHUCK D:I was wheelin'Wit' the boom in the backThe treble was levelI like it like thatI was rolly-roll-a-roll rollin'5-o looked and said hold itAnd I stopped stillI never got ill'Cause my license was clean an I showedA peace powwowInstead of pow powI'm straight up and I'm straightSo how you like me nowBut I know how you doYou're straight from BabylonBut I know how you doYou're straight from BabylonThey said turn it down'Cause it's a new lawYou never seen us beforeBut we're raw like a warThey warned me onceThey warned me twiceSo I knew I was warnedThey had it goin' onI got the fuck outta DodgeWit' my Bronco60 miles per hour50 miles to goAnd I be pumpin' the soundDrownin' out the carsWhich tape should I rockL.L.'s or R.A.'sI'm in the streets of New York(Go away)So I pop in my Kool G Rap 'n' Polo tapeAnd they was at it againSirens in the airAhhh shitSo I'm outta hereBut the blue in the frontCalled the blue in the backThey cut me offStopped me dead in my tracksBut this is minimalI'm not a criminalI always did what I didBecause I'm not a kidBut they looked me downThey stared me downTold me what I didI ain't wit' it'Cause word around town was a stickupYeah, yeah, yeahB-boy nigga in a pickupBut I was jeepin' and creepin'Just a keepin' it down, soundHere we go the run aroundBlamin' me for the hardcore roarBut they the ones wit' the 44'sSo I'm coolin'I know the beat is rulin'Too loud for the crowdThe bass is large yeahSo I'll get the fuck outta DodgeThat's right y'all, el commandoEl commando you're in demand-oSGT HAWKES:Sgt. Hawkes and I'm down wit' the cop sceneI'm a rookie and I'm rollin' wit' a swat teamPackin' a nine can't wait to use itCrooked cop yeah that's my musicUp against the wall don't gimme no lip sonA bank is robbed and you fit the descriptionAnd I ain't your mama and I ain't your popsKeep your music down or you might get shotThis is a warning so watch your tailOr I'm a have to put your ass in jailI'm the police and I'm in chargeYou don't like it get the fuck outta Dodge

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