The Evil Empire Of... Testo

Testo The Evil Empire Of...

We live in times
Under the influence of rhyme
To make the masses scared
Seems like everything is everywhere
Fear the media
They make yall swallow the pill
Until we clear the air
Beware because adversaries barely care
You start off doing it
It ends up doing you
And using it ends up abusing you
And your surrounding crew
Charisma of ignorance
Makes you hate where you at?
Bitter makes you better when you backed by the fact
Segregation intergration aggregavation
Anti immigration from a land in total desparation
Yall ain't gotta buy it or try it
Ill say it
They wont play it
But coming is a new breed of mcs to relay it
Easier to be misunderstood
Than understand this song
...the youth is not youth for long
Rip trayvon
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