Name Callin' Testo

Testo Name Callin'

["Set It Off" soundtrack]

[Chorus 4x:]
Name callin' hasn't fallen into what I'm runnin'
I wouldn't dis another sista unless she had it comin'

?? I'm 'bout to catch a charge
Bitches that think they hard get snuffed
Fuck the bodygaurd
They need to shut the fuck up, or step to me
All they can do is be mad at me
Bitch, don't threaten me
Niggas don't know I'm nice with these
You pay the price with these
Come by this pisces, your life cease
You couldn't see my if you looked at my life like Mary
Your style is cheesy
How you gon' beef? You dairy
Better bewarey, cuz if it's necessary
Be shoot the joint, I'll leave you somethin' for the tooth fairy
And all you rappers sellin' more sex than skill, chill
I'll rip your style, all the while keep my sex appeal
Don't get it twisted yo, I never really favored you
And I was raised by my niggas from the Flavor U
So fuck givin' props where they ain't due, fuck you
And that nigga who wrote the rhyme for you too
I got hot, when you play my spot you get laid like rugs
And you'll never be the woman that your father was
Stop flirtin' with my last nerve and head south
Next bitch say somethin' worse, goin' in your mouth

[Chorus 2x]

Another bitch after my crown but I don't hate her
Cuz she couldn't come up if she was gettin' fucked in the elevator
What, you thought I wouldn't check your chin?
Though I was your fuckin' friend?
See you and speak, tonight all that shit ends
Don't act extra, where you from?
High post on low income and then some
Ready to leave your gums numb
Listenin' to you is like wack sex
A premature ejactulation
A quickie, that gets me stressed
You're doin' it but it don't thrill me
Bitch, you know you feel me
Don't get scared now, time to face the real me
I'm ready to break my foot off in your anal
Ready to bring you some pain yo
Comin' up with that playdough
Style you stole, tried to mix it up and make it blimp
Sound like Lauryn, with a dash of Lil' Kim
We know bootleg, Korean, coughin', schemin' ho
I know it's bootleg cuz they misspelled "misquito"
What's worse? Your press-ons, hair or gear?
I should buy your contract, put your ass on hold for another year
You picked the wrong one, so bring your click
Now we can handle this like ladies
Or care to smoke other shit

[Chorus 2x]

Makes ya feel like rappers be on some bandwagon shit
But I gets boogie, quick fix with lyrics
From toastin' too many spirits
Fuck all these cheesy bum bitches fakin' these riches
Niggas representin' for these real live niggas, '96
What the deal? Chicks pimpin' they sex appeal
How you feel? (stupid!)
Got the still now, dead up in your grill
Bout to go up in your raw, so you industry whore
Never saw the lights before, now you model and floss
Overload your hold on piece, when I rock shit like this
You can't flip, cuz ? be gettin' twisted (what?)
All that high shit that you be smokin' got you buggin'
Think that you could step to my crew?
We be nut smugglin'
Turnin' rough niggas and the bitch is like "what?"
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