Dr. Blind Testo

Testo Dr. Blind

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Another one too cold to touch,
can´t stop smiling, cry so much
the square faced man of primetime
reminds of padded rooms

the lack of light, hollow sea,
poison beaches, limousines
thootless dentists, coops that kill, can´t stop shopping, I can´t...


I can´t stop the lonesome lows,
don´t just go away overnight
Dr. Blind, just prescribe the blue one
(here´s to you, Mrs. Robinson)
if the dizzying highs
don´t subside overnight,
Dr. Blind, just prescribe the red one
(hey hey hey, hey hey hey)

Da Da Da
Da Da, Da Da, Da Da, Da

Whenever she gets that shrinkwrapped pill
thrill in her hand again
the first to let us know
she is not the perfect woman
and neither are you, can´t stop shopping, I can´t...

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