Block Scheme Testo

Testo Block Scheme

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Strive for perfection, cling onto your schemed life
Try to predict what's the coming
You don't care about intuition or the moment
Artificial goals in your schedule to clamp your days onto
Never experience the joy of living initiative
Just keep on thinking what if?

Planned out down the drain
Take your jacket, cause it might rain
Lock yourself inside of your womb
So nice in comfort you fail to look outside
As if your life is so bad exactly you need to hide..

This is conformity at its best, just pass away with the rest
I'm not trying to be a pain, but is it all about the fame?
Money makes you feel safe, you buy a new chair
Fancy what all the others buy as if they care

Stunned by stupidity, I don't get the point (it makes no sense)
All those slogans, who did you conform?
Do you feel in comfort with your authority
Is there improvement in your life now insecurity is banned?

Planned out down the drain
Lock yourself inside of your womb
So nice in comfort you fail to look outside
desperation and potential to fail
all the opportunities they prevail
I won't live my life in a tin can, (I can't shut me down)
Won't be paralyzed and able to move
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