Friendly Fire Testo

Testo Friendly Fire

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Some things in life are hard to explain
The people you once valued are at once, gone in vain
All those memories all it meant to you, are nothing to them
Then what's to conclude?

A feeling wants you to say that they're not wrong,
that you couldn't have know it all along
but then it strikes you, when you look back..
The failures make you feel you are the one that's wrong but hey!
didn't they fall for the easy way?
Was it you who was wrong?.. To care..

Those things in life drag you to the ground,
While they've walked away, a fake smile on their traitor face!
you've broken down and can't believe, their egoism is spoiling all,
don't enter, don't enter the fall!

Selfishly absorbed in their greed, are the ones you valued
What did you sacrifice to please their lies?
Abandoned then they cease, now tell me.. what did you learn?

Looking back it wasn't all that good,
you didn't handle like you should!
People aren't what they seem,
blind trust makes you dream.
Stay alert don't fall into deep,

..for them!
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