Broken Hearted Soul Testo

Testo Broken Hearted Soul

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I can't believe I've fallen down to my knees
You've got me begging you please
There has to be another way
My broken chest, it hurts, it won't let me breathe
I'm staring down at my wrists
You know I have to insist that you

Talk to me
why won't you talk to me?

When did I wanna be lonely?
When did I wanna be cold?
I can't believe that it's over
The beating of my broken hearted soul

I can't believe that I am down in this hole
Always playing the toll for having found my way to you
It doesn't matter that I pushed you away
When you wanted to stay
I have to find a way to make you

Please don't go
I can't live without you
I f--king love you
You're everything to me
Can't you see?

Don't you dare walk away
This cannot be the end
You're my savior, my lover, my muse, my best friend
I won't smile again
I won't ever be loved
You can't do this to me
You can hear what I say so please talk to me
You never talk to me...
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