Lost Along The Way Testo

Testo Lost Along The Way

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
If you and I were meant to be
You wouldn't test my sanity
Corrective lenses in my brain
Twist my thoughts so I can see
It's all about who's wrong or right
To see who's words have got more bite
1,000 ways to kill the light
Frustration taking over

Too many pictures all at once
Too many shadows in the rain
And I see a crack up in the sun
calling out your name

it's everything
everything you wanted
but if what we had got lost along the way
it's everything
everything you need
and I'm reaching out
for all the things we lost along the way

should I turn and walk away
when other paths may lie ahead
too many feelings in my heart
try to search for what you said
I try to be in tune with you
I try to symbolize your dreams
You wouldn't let me take you there
Frustration taking over
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