Soul Mate Testo

Testo Soul Mate

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
oooo baby this is a wonderful day baby- Today my dreams come true my soulmate-

Verse 1
Never knew a lady like you distinct on the earth- When we met on my life i fell in love- mmm so im am here with you on this day to say- for my love yes your name has my heart

Your my soulmate (my soulmate) with this ring i pledge to be with you- Your my soulmate mmmm with this ring i pledge (I pledge) to be with you mmm hmm-

Verse 2
So glad you are my lady my one and only lady- you make me feel that i have the world- My life without you is uncontrolled- girl ill give you my world- For the rest of the days of my life- You were meant for me- you were meant for me yeah-


Verse 3
(Talking) As i stand here before you today baby- In the name of love i vow to respect you, protect you, to love, cherish you, for all the days of both of our lifes- We have love that will remain bright even when the sun goes down- (Singing) Forever baby yeah baby yeah baby...

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