Walk With Me Testo

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Testo Walk With Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm just a man... makes mistakes
I do all I can to walk... straight
I heard some thing
I hurt some women in the past
But now I am wiser
I am looking for my better half
I got a great job
I work hard on my job
I got a relationship with God
Response and intellect
I got all the things money can buy
But somehow I feel empty inside
See... only one without that special girl relationship is paradise

I need someone to love me when I am not so strong
I need someone to right me when I am going wrong
I need someone to hear me when the music
Someone to laugh and talk to me
Someone to run to
Take my hand
When my spirit gets lonely
I need you to hear me
Walk with me

When I am trying monogamy temptation chasing me
It's hurt sometimes to pretend that I am blind
When I can use some company
From my after your block
To my show to next stop
Oh I wish sometimes I could have misses right
I don't know who you are
But I hope that you are listening
Cause I can't wait to show you off in public scene
Say you love me when I am down
Say you love me when I am grey
Now... patiently I'll wait
If you think that you are that woman


I'm not just gonna take you anywhere
Promise I will take you where love will be waiting
I'm not gonna take this love fall apart
Promise you got my back
Promise I will give you everything
Cause you are worth all this things
I'll search high and low for you

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