Break The Calm Testo

Testo Break The Calm

A temporary state in which we've found
We built these walls from the inside and we want out
And then we use our friends as bulletproof vests

The walls are breaking as the floor begins to shake
I didn't think it would come to this, but this is here to stay

It's amazing how life can seem to short, yet we're so "bored"
And as our eyes grow weary, it can be hard
We're broken shards of glass

A stationary dream in which we've froze
Our ideas light the kerosene, but there's no room to explode
Well just light a match under me and watch me glow

There's a fire in the backseat of a car, as we walk away
I didn't think it could come to this, and now its here to stay

Won't you break the calm with me?
And you'll see...
Let's hear what kind of noise we can bring
And you'll see, oh, you'll see
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