Mr. Sheep Testo

Testo Mr. Sheep

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Golly, Mister, where you going?
You'll be late for work
Careful or you'll drop your briefcase
Jesus, what a jerk
There he goes down to the subway
Off to catch the train
Too bad for him
He forgot his umbrella

Poor Mr. Sheep
You're wet Mr. Sheep
Walk on, Mr. Sheep
Walk on

Tell me, how's your little family?
How's your little wife?
Are you going to live with those monsters
For the rest of your life?
Maybe you got a little girlfriend
Stashed somewhere in town
Maybe you ain't got a little girlfriend
Ha ha ha ha ha

Poor Mr. Sheep
He's a lonely guy too
Walk on Mr. Sheep
Walk on

Dance, Mister!

Hey, he's doin' OK
Oh, oh
Oh, he'll be all right
Let him get up by himself

Now I don't want to be too rough
And I don't want to be too mean
You're right - This world is awful tough
I know exactly what you mean
But I want you to know
Exactly how I feel
And to tell you the truth
Right now I feel like going
I feel like going
I feel like going


Baa Mr. Sheep
Careful, you're walking all over your own self now
Walk on, Mr. Sheep
Walk on, Mr. Sheep
Walk on, Mr. Sheep
Walk on
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